Dietrich Wilhelmi Page

1. Myself, I never talk much about myself. Glad to be retired, it is just mywilhelmi2 wife and me.
We make our golden years as pleasant as we can. Grandkids, some travel, gymnastics for our health.
2. I do not have air cooled VW. I drive a 2015 Beetle.
3. I love my VW, had several of them. Never had any issues with them. What happen 
recently to VWagen is shocking and I feel violated. However, I have full confidence in the 
Company to make proper corrections to all VW Diesel owners effected, in time. As long as,
 lawyers and other with little interest for anyone but themselves and money will not kill the 
company. Take a good look what other car companies have done in the past and how the big 
The recall was, plus people who lost their lives.
wilhelmi34. No,no,no,no,no.
5. Maybe someday I get a trophy. Not important.
6. VW Picture
Have a great day.